We’ve been successfully selling our range of racing brake fluids now since 2002. The R 600+ was the first brake fluid we launched, and it’s still our top seller. It’s a direct replacement for AP600, Motul RBF 600 and Brembo LCF600 brake fluids and it’s pricing can’t be beaten when stacked up against its competitors.

If you’re already a customer of ours, you are entitled to a discount when you order brake fluid alongside any drum of race fuel. Just give us a ring and find out what we can do for you!

Our top of the range R Extreme provides an excellent, firm pedal feel. This making trail-braking much more comfortable to modulate, in part to it’s the higher dry boiling point when compared to the Castrol SRF or similar product.

For those that don’t need high boiling points but still want a brake fluid that is better than a standard dot 4 product, our R 5.1+ will do the trick at a very competitive price. All R Brake Fluids are available in boxes of 12 but can, of course, be bought individually as well.