Two weeks ago Goodwood announced that the 2024 Goodwood Revival would be run on fuels made from at least 70% sustainable components. This is a very big commitment and ask for racers and teams but the Duke of Richmond is determined to show that by changing to sustainable fuels historic racing can keep going for the foreseeable future.

The first official race for sustainable fuels for historic race cars in the UK was held at the 2023 Goodwood Revival Fordwater Trophy race for pre-1965 Porsche 911 race cars. We were tasked by the Goodwood event team to design a FIA Advanced Sustainable fuel for the race – we named it the Sunoco FAS. In a hotly contested race, which was won by Andrew Jordan and Matthew Holme, the Porsche 911s performed extremely well with no reported fuel issues.

However, Goodwood’s announcement two weeks ago that all racing cars and bikes should use fuels with 70% sustainable components sent shockwaves through to the historic racing fraternity. Our phones have been glowing red hot with concerned historic racers questioning how that would affect their race cars.

Sunoco FAS – 70% sustainable FIA conformant unleaded race fuel

As I mentioned the feedback from the 2023 Goodwood Revival Fordwater Trophy Porsche race has been very positive. Before the race, a lot of R&D was done to come up with the formulation for the Sunoco FAS so that it was not just a good fuel but also able to protect the entire fuel system. Thanks to our experience with ethanol blended fuels and bio components we knew what we had to do. Our aim was to have a FIA conformant 101-102 octane FIA conformant Advanced Sustainable fuel that made as much power as the commonly used Sunoco CFR (British GT control fuel). We were extremely pleased when Neil Bainbridge (BS Motorsport) reported that a back-to-back test on his engine dyno showed that the Sunoco FAS delivered 2.5% more power. One reason for this is that FIA allow a higher level of oxygenates for sustainable fuels. The other reason is that we got the balance close to perfect.

Sunoco FAS Specification

Sunoco FAS Specification

But as you all know a lot of different fuels have been used at previous Goodwood Revival meetings, unleaded and leaded, non-oxygenated and oxygenated fuels, due to the variety of race engines from very different eras. To replace all these fuels is a challenge and although the Sunoco FAS is a very powerful and safe fuel, some race engines need better valve seat protection (the SAF has a valve seat recession additive) and higher compression applications. The Sunoco FAS, with its valve seat recession additive, is anticipated to deliver valve seat protection comparable to that of the R5SR+ leaded fuel.

Code name S70L – 70% sustainable leaded race fuel

We have therefore developed a new non-oxygenated sustainable leaded fuel for those engines needing maximum valve seat protection to replace the popular R6SR. The new fuel, under the code name S70L, is undergoing lab certification of its key headline figures. We are also looking to introduce more sustainable race fuels during 2024 – watch this space!

We have the Sunoco FAS in stock for immediate despatch. The S70L will not be available until just before Christmas. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call our technical helpline 01929 551557 (option 2).


Panel discussion

Anders Hildebrand took part in a panel discussion about sustainable fuel together with Emanuele Pirro, a five-time Le Mans winner, and Richard Tuthill, a prolific Porsche specialist and racer.

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