Do you love drifting? Do you plan on competing in 2021? Do you want to use semi slick tyres?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then you have come to the right place.

Anglo American Oil Company ltd (AAOIL) is the UK and Irish distributors of what we believe are the best 2 drift tyre brands in the world of drifting – Valino & Zestino.

We understand the costs involved with drifting, especially when it comes to buying semi slick drift tyres which is why we use and recommend tyres which not only offer fantastic performance but also last longer than the competition.

Benefits of joining the driver program


  • Preferential pricing on Valino Pergea & Zestino Acrova Drift tyres

  • Dedicated photographer at UKDC and BDC events.

  • Podium cash rewards redeemable against future orders

  • Driver exposure on Zestino & Valino social media accounts

  • Driver discounts on other AAOIL distributed products including Driven racing oil, BMC airfilters and Speedsocket tools

  • Next day delivery

  • Easy ordering & no need to order in pallet quantities to get the best price

Can i join the program?


For the 2021 season, all drivers entering in UKDC, BDC, RDC and SDC are able to join the program as long as they do not already have a sponsorship deal with another tyre company.

At events drivers should:

  1. Run Valino/Zestino (whichever you choose to run) branding on their drift car. 1 large sticker each side to be placed above front or rear wheels. 2 smaller stickers on front or rear bumper
  2. Tags in social media posts as part of sponsors (this will also allow us to re-share your posts)
  3. Use only Valino/Zestino tyres during competition
  4. Be respectful of how the brands are presented and make an effort to present their cars to their best ability at events

“As a driver myself, I understand the challenges and the costs of competitive drifting especially when it comes to choosing tyres which is one of the most expensive parts outside of building the car. Having the experience of trying many different tyres I feel that we are able to offer 2 of the best brands when it comes to performance and outright cost per lap. We pride ourselves in offering an exceptional service and I believe that the program we have put together for drivers using our products is going to appeal to many drivers on the grid”

Axel Hildebrand

Head of driver program, AAOIL



Pricing will be available to drivers once they have completed the registration form. All drivers will pay the same price and there will be no further savings on bulk buying in larger quantities except for savings in shipping costs.

Due to the current global pandemic, shipping costs from the factories are very high so prices may vary throughout the season but will be kept as low as possible for drivers on the program.


Photographer service


We have teamed up with the talented Dan martin media who will be responsible for capturing photos of all drivers on the program at UKDC and BDC events. Dan will also utilise a network of top photographers (including ImageB, Danny Sleeuwenhoek and Topdownmedia) to make sure that each driver can expect 3-4 high quality images as per event. These photos will be used on our social media channels and will be provided for you to use and to send to your sponsors after the event.

Depending on the number of drivers on the program, Dan will bring in extra photographers to make sure that the level of photos remain at the high standard you can expect.

For drivers looking to get the most amount of exposure from the events, AAOIL will contribute 45% to the cost of Dan Martin Medias full media package in return for shared ownership of the images. The cost of this is £100 per event which means you only need to pay £55 as part of the driver program.


Podium rewards


Podium rewards are available to drivers competing in UKDC and BDC and are as follows

  Qualifying 1st Event win Event 2nd Event 3rd Championship win
BDC Pro £50 £200 £100 £50 £500
BDC Pro 2 £25 £100 £50 £25 £250
UKDC Pro £50 £200 £100 £50 £500
UKDC Pro-am £25 £100 £50 £25 £250

 Prizes are redeemed as a credit with and can be used on future purchases of tyres or other products. Due to the current pandemic and the uncertainty of events, championship prize is only applicable in the full amount if all  5 rounds go ahead. if less events take place, the championship prize will be based on the amount of events taken place. ie, 2/5 events taking place will give 2/5 of the prize.



Delivery & ordering


Tyres are dispatched from our warehouse in Poole Dorset using a next day delivery service. Up to 10 tyres will be shipped by courier and any larger orders will be delivered on a pallet

When comparing tyre costs to brands outside of the UK, don’t forget that since leaving the UK, import duty of 4% will apply on shipping and tyre costs and UK VAT must be paid on import on tyres purchased from the EU.

VAT invoices are provided on all orders

Orders can be placed via or or by calling our office on 01929 551557 (ext1)