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Competition drives innovation. The Driven Racing Oil brand was originally created to advance engine and driveline lubricant performance in all-out race and high performance engines, but now their innovations extend beyond the racetrack, to the street.

As the largest manufacturer of racing gasolines in the world, Sunoco has a 40-year track record of winning performances. With an expanded product line, Sunoco of­fers drivers more choices than ever before.

Aspen Alkylate fuel is specifically designed for small capacity 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. It is made from the cleanest form of petrol available – alkylate petroleum. Better for man, machine and the environment.

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We take pride in only selling products that we would use ourselves, and strive to offer you the very best technical back up and product support – over the phone, face to face or through our distributors.



100 days @L_Lundqvist76 that is all you have to wait as the winner of 2019 @Sunoco_UK @WhelenEng Challenge. We are exctied about going back to @Rolex24Hours are you? @WhelenMTRS @AX_Racing @whelens @BRDCBritishF3 @autosport @ptiezzi3 @PeterDWindsor


Only 100 days stand between us and the #Rolex24!

Something For The Weekend!!!
In January @RickParfittJnr & @StuMiddleton75 took on the 2018 edition of the awesome @Rolex24Hours @DISupdates. Watch their journey - now available on Prime. @L_Lundqvist76 & Kyle Reid.This will be you in January 2019.

@L_Lundqvist76 has not been to the USA before. Well he's going now!!! Congratulations on winning the 2019 @Sunoco_UK @WhelenEng Challenge and of course the @BRDCBritishF3 title too. @WhelenMTRS @whelens @AX_Racing @Rolex24Hours #drivefast #eatburgers #winners

Great video by @PeterDWindsor The side of a championship winning weekend rarely seen. Worth watching @L_Lundqvist76 win the @BRDCBritishF3 title & the @Sunoco_UK @WhelenEng Challenge @AX_Racing @WhelenMTRS @whelens

Peter Windsor@PeterDWindsor

What it's like to win European motor racing's biggest prize: @Sunoco_UK

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