Racing has always been the test area for new ideas and to promote change. The F1 engines are now around 50% efficient thanks to extremely cleaver software, mechanical innovation and a need to maximise power and efficiency to win races. Cost has never been a major factor to win if the budget has been able to support R&D.


Huge steps has been made in the development of clean burning safe and powerful fuels within the FIA regulations to maximise the drive train package and this of course also includes lubricants. The fuel used in road vehicles on the other hand are designed to be as cheap as possible whilst meeting the minimum requirements for road fuel standards. Improvements or changes are forced by regulations such as the lowering of sulphur and introduction of bio components to drive down the dependence of crude oil and to promote less exhaust and carbon emissions.



Sustainable fuels have been introduced in the WRC and WEC and in some of the SRO GT Championships. Many argue that the fuels were released too early due to engine oil being diluted by the fuel causing bearing issues and fuel pumps wearing out prematurely. Anglo American Oil Company had been working with suppliers of sustainable fuel components since 2018 to understand the pitfalls when Goodwood announced that the 2023 Fordwater Trophy pre- 1965 Porsche 911 was going to run on FIA Advanced Sustainable fuels. As we have been their fuel partner since mid-2000 we jumped at the chance to put together an unleaded FIA Appendix J racing fuel that was successfully delivered through our pumps at the event together with the traditional unleaded and leaded historic racing fuels – say hello to the Sunoco FAS!


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