CFS Storage 5-Star

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Leaded ethanol-free storage fuel for engines needing leaded fuel.


As with the CFS Storage Plus, CFS Storage 5-Star is completely free of ethanol and made from pure hydrocarbons and petroleum chemicals. It is, as the name indicates, leaded to help preserve valves, valve seats and cylinder heads in engines not designed for unleaded petrol. Its very high octane level of 103 RON and 98 MON protects even extremely high compression engines from detonation. It is storage safe for at least three years and vehicles will start on the button even years after they have been laid off.


You can purchase it online, however we recommend that you buy it from one of our resellers to avoid shipping costs.

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Why Use an Ethanol-free Fuel?

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All hazardous goods orders received before 12pm will be guaranteed to be dispatched the same day (depending on stock) and sent via a freight company that provides a standard 3 day signed delivery service*. For an additional cost, the option of a next day service is available throughout the majority of the UK. However, we cannot accept responsibility for orders that may be delayed in transit. Due to their hazardous nature, all fuel orders must be signed for on delivery. All routine deliveries are made during Monday to Friday. Some routes may be subject to ta longer delivery timescales.

All our fuels come in UN approved steel drums. All drums have a 2 inch BSP bung, they are designed for safe transport and storage but do not pour very well. To avoid spillage, it is best to use a pump to decant your fuel. We have a couple of different pump options which are available in our web shop. It is best to keep unused fuel in the drum supplied with the drum bung sealed tight. Race fuels will only really deteriorate if vapours can escape or moisture can get into the drum. For this reason, we would not recommend leaving race fuel in your fuel tank for an extended period of time – this is particularly important if the fuel in question contains ethanol. Any drained fuel is best kept in a separate container to the fresh, unused race fuel.

Try and store your fuel where it is not exposed to wide temperatures swings, i.e. outside.

Latest News: We've offered our 500+ garden machinery fuel retailers the opportunity to sell the CFS Storage Plus and the CFS Storage 5-Star in 10 litre cans. If they do not have it in stock they will be able to add it to their next Aspen order which means that there will be no shipping charge for you. Please click on this link to find your nearest dealer.

Where To Buy

Any issues please give us a ring on 01929 551557.

Why Use an Ethanol-free Fuel?

As many classic car, bike and also boat owners have discovered, modern unleaded petrol is hygroscopic. The reason for this is the mandatory inclusion of ethanol in all premium unleaded and most super unleaded forecourt fuels. The current level of ethanol in premium unleaded is 10% - hence the name E10. This means that the future is not bright unless the fuel systems are newer than 2002 or have been updated to cope with ethanol-blended fuels.

High levels of ethanol in petroleum fuel results in increased moisture levels, which is likely to cause rust and corrosion in the fuel system. This badly affects carburettors and fuel lines, as the ethanol itself is also corrosive to aluminium, bronze and zinc typically found in carburettors. Both these issues are compounded by long periods of non-usage.

CFS Storage 5-Star is specifically formulated to be kinder on gaskets, O-rings and other fuel system components compared to unleaded petrol. It also contains detergent additives for engine cleanliness, as well as antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors to extend storage life. When stored in airtight, opaque fuel containers, Storage 5-Star should remain storage stable for 3-5 years.

CFS Storage 5-Star burns extremely cleanly and its 103 RON and 98 MON provides excellent protection from detonation. A carefully calculated amount of TEL (lead) has been added to ensure that vintage vehicles are protected from valve seat recession and/or damage to valves.

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