Is there an oil that keeps internal engine wear to zero and at the same time give more power than any other engine oils. Is there an additive that will give you the magic “edge” without unbalancing the original design of the engine oil??? The answer is of course no…. However with the latest available race engine oil technology the truth of the fact is that Driven Racing Oil with their XP range is very close to the holy grail of oil and definitely far ahead of the rest of oils that they have been compared against by Comp Cams who wanted to test different oils for camshaft wear. A major issue for camshaft manufacturers is that wear of the camshafts reduce power of the engine. Micron measured wear can not be seen and only measured if you have very accurate measuring instruments which of course no normal racer or race teams would have.

Comp Cams took a 350 cu in Chevrolet crate engine and increased the valve spring ratings to increase wear. They then broke in 10 identical camshafts and lifters using Driven BR oils in the prepared engine and measured each camshaft down to microns to make sure that they had data from each lobe. The next step was to measure  power after 15 minutes (to give all oils enough time to warm up properly) and then after a 2-hour run cycle. Finally they measured the wear on each cam lobe. The results were VERY interesting and you can see from yourself that although not perfect that the best combination of minimal wear and maximum power was from the Driven racing oils.

See the results below for yourself