Amazing August Saving - 25% Off Driven 80W-90 GL4 Mineral Gear Oil

Driven Conventional Gear Oil is recommended for any classic race or performance car, that specifies a GL-4 gear oil. This mineral 80W-90 gear oil is designed to provide application specific performance lubrication for transmissions, differentials, transaxles and gear boxes.

Driven GL4 80W-90 delivers proven oil technology by using high quality base oils and an additive package that protects yellow metals (brass, bronze, and copper) to prevent gear clashing and provide proper synchronization in manual transmissions.  Great for Muncie, T10, Super T10, Ford Toploader, Saginaw, and Mopar A833 transmissions.

For some classic gear boxes, synthetic gear oils, even if they are rated as GL4, can prove too slippery for the synchro’s to work properly. Driven mineral GL4 80W-90 is the perfect solution.

[wdi_feed id=”2″]Features

  • High Shear Protection
  • Safe For All Yellow Metals
  • Protects Internal Synchronizers
  • Extended Change Internals