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Driven HR6 10W-40 Synthetic


£11.75 Ex VAT


The Driven HR range is the perfect choice for classic road and competition cars.
They have enough ZDDP to protect flat-tappet engines with increased spring pressures of up to 30% higher than stock. The detergent levels are able to cope with up to 8000 road miles. The HR oils have a unique anti-corrosion pack which protects engines that see little use, eliminating the damaging effects of dry starts, and also contain an ethanol-neutralising additive to combat internal rust corrosion.

Available in 10W-30, 10W-40 and 15W-50 (mineral and synthetic) grades.

Product Information

If your oil temperatures are moderate (up to 110C) and mileage / running time is limited, then the mineral range is an ideal choice. For those situations where engine temperatures are higher or the engine is run for prolonged periods, synthetics are preferred as they will last longer and are better at transferring heat out of the engine. If the value train loadings are much over 30% compared to stock, then you should be looking at the XP range to provide the right anti wear protection.

We send most oil orders with FedEx. Typically there are 12 x US quarts in a box or 4 x 5 L cans. However, if you order fuel at the same time we'll send the oil on the same shipment as the fuel.

The delivery cost for a box of oil is £9.50 + VAT to be delivered next day. Lower costs may apply if only ordering a few small items. You will see the exact delivery cost for your order at checkout.