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Driven DT40 5W-40

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DT40 utilises advanced synthetic base oils to provide high temperature and high shear protection for both turbocharged, and European sports car engines with and without variable valve timing. DT40 reduces oil consumption by limiting oil vaporisation and foaming. Ideal for modern German, Italian and British sports car engines, as well as Chrysler 6.4L Hemis. Compatible with E85 and water/Methanol injection. Viscosity typical of 5W-40.

Product Information

The synthetic Driven Street Performance oils are designed to work in all modern cars without direct fuel injection. The unique mPAO base oil has a very high viscosity index of just under 200. The higher viscosity index means the oil thins less with increasing temperature, hence very few multigrade additives need to be used. The multigrade additives are what break down in oils, causing them to lose viscosity at higher temperatures. Fewer multigrade additives mean the oil will continue to maintain its viscosity, which make it well suited for high performance engines. They have a unique storage additive that neutralises ethanol and prevents rust and corrosion inside the engine. They can be used in race applications with a valve open spring pressure below 500 lbs. A high level of ZDDP protects camshafts and other vital internal engine parts. The perfect oil to replace modern synthetic oils, the Driven Street Performance oils lower oil operating temperatures, and reduce oil consumption and blow by. Recommended for use in high performance road cars, such as Audi RS, BMW M-series, Mercedes AMG, Porsche and Lamborghini. Please note: The Driven Street Performance oils do not meet API standards due to the higher levels of anti-wear additives in the oils. Use the viscosity recommended by the manufacturer. However, we recommend the DT40 for BMW M-series which is thinner than what BMW recommends. This is based on extensive field testing and that unlike other synthetic oils the Driven Street Performance oils keeps its viscosity for longer. We recommend 8,000 miles between oil changes if used on the road but 4,000 if used on track days.
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