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Driven DI40 0W-40 Synthetic


£14.75 Ex VAT


Driven’s DI Synthetic Engine Oil is designed specifically for Direct Fuel Injection Engines. The DI oil delivers cutting-edge lubricant technology specifically developed for direct injection engines. The DI oil utilises an advanced additive package designed to reduce abnormal combustion, such as low speed pre-ignition issues, and protects against soot related wear. A lower volatility base oil also reduces crankcase vapours and carbon buildup on intake valves.

Direct injection and turbochargers make for a powerful combo, but utilising available high torque and low speed can lead to abnormal combustion that not only degrades performance, but also causes damage.

This low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) occurs when the mixture of air and fuel, injected directly into the combustion chamber instead of the intake port, ignites before the spark and as the piston is still moving upward. The resulting excessive cylinder pressure creates what is known as “knock” in mild cases.

Driven’s research has confirmed an oil’s detergent chemistry can impact LSPI, with calcium and sodium increasing and molybdenum compounds decreasing frequency. Thus, Driven has developed a new line of engine oils that represent the first offerings formulated, tested and proven to protect direct injections engines better than API oils.

Driven’s DI synthetic engine oils are ahead of the curve when it comes to the new 2018 API SN+ engine oil spec, providing the right-now solution for direct injection engines. They combat LSPI and contain additives to prevent soot-related wear and reduce intake valve deposits typically by volatile off-the-shelf engine oils.

Product Information

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