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Driven Br30 Mineral Break-In Oil 5W 30

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£8.55 Ex VAT


Driven break-in mineral oil is a low-detergent, high-ZDDP formulation designed to protect an engine during the critical running in period. It will protect all types of value train including those using very high spring pressures and also help create the best ring seal in the block which is key to good compression figures.

Effective running-in can be achieved by up to two hours on the dyno / competition use or 500
road miles.

Available in 5W-30, 10W-40 and 15W-50 grades.

Product Information

All grades of Driven BR contain 2800 ppm of fast-burn ZDDP, designed to react with heat and load to promote the best engine break-in over a short period of use. The BR is specially formulated to work with the ultra-hard finishes found with Nikasil and Darton Sleeves. It is strongly advised not to add any additional ZDDP additives to this carefully formulated blend. All grades have the same zinc content so simply select the weight of oil that best suits your application.
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