Pitstop Products

Pitstop Products

  • Driven Racing Oil

    Driven Coolant System Protector

    Protect your engine block, cylinder heads, water pump and...

    £10.95 Ex VAT
  • Driven Speed Clean

    A multi-surface foaming cleaner that safely wipes away rubber,...

    £7.45 Ex VAT
  • Ripper Neck Cap

    The Ripper Neck Cap is the perfect solution for...

    £24.80 Ex VAT
  • Plastic Fuel Hose

    Clear hose with tap made from a durable PVC...

    £7.45 Ex VAT
  • Kleers

    Kleers Anti-Fog

    Poor visibility can spell disaster. That’s why Kleers Helmet...

    £2.89 Ex VAT
  • Workshop paper

    R Workshop Paper

    R workshop paper is an extra heavy-duty, one-ply, air-laid...

    £4.25£5.87 Ex VAT
  • Kleers Cleaning Products

    Kleers All-Purpose Race Cloths

    A handy, team-sized pack of 50 strong and long-lasting,...

    £7.55 Ex VAT
  • Oil can

    R Oil Can

    Heavy-duty can suitable for a wide range of fluids....

    £12.75 Ex VAT
  • ISC Dull Finish Racing Tape

    ISC Dull Finish

    The preferred choice of the pros! Dull finish gaffer...

    £18.65 Ex VAT