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Control fuel supplier

A number of race series have chosen us as their control fuel supplier. This means that all racers must use the nominated fuel for all races. We support these series by being on site across the whole race weekend, including any official test days.

Fuel is delivered to each competitor in drums and we collect any empties after the meeting has finished. Spare fuel is always available and any unused, sealed drums can be returned. We test fuel samples on site with our own FTIR infrared spectrometer, which produces a very accurate chemical graph of the fuel which is compared against a reference sample.

The advantages to running a control race fuel are:

-  Our very consistent race fuels help protect engines from detonation worries and reduce component wear.

-  Creates a level playing field for all competitors.

-  Removes the legal issues that teams or individuals can face when transporting large volumes of fuel.

-  Forecourt petrol stations limit the amount of fuel that they will sell in cans. Although not enforced at all forecourts, this can make the collection of large volumes of fuel not only time consuming , ut difficult.

-  We work closely with the series organisers to develop a range of joint marketing initiatives. 

Official fuel supplier

Some series prefer to leave fuel as a free choice for their competitors but like the option to have our support at their events for those racers who like to use a race fuel. Our service operates in exactly the same way as a control fuel arrangement, apart from that no testing is carried out and marketing support is reduced.

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