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Sunoco Sunamatic ATF DEX III

Oils & Lubricants

£6.40 Ex VAT


A mineral ATF fluid designed for use in the following applications:

  • Wherever DEXRON III , DEXRON II-E , DEXRON II , DEXRON , MERCON , M2C138-CJ , M2C166-H or Type A fluids are recommended.
  • In all automatic transmissions built by GM.
  • Wherever Allison C-4 fluids are required.

It may be used in some hydraulic and compressor systems where excellent low temperature flowability is required.

Product Information

We send most oil orders with FedEx on a next day service (excluding weekends). Typically there are 12 x US quarts in a box or 4 x 5 L cans. The delivery cost for a box of oil is £9.50 + VAT. Lower costs may apply if only ordering a few small items. You will see the exact delivery cost for your order at checkout. If you order fuel at the same time, we will send the oil on the same shipment as the fuel at no additional cost.