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Driven XP5 20W-50 Semi-Synthetic

Oils & Lubricants

£11.00 Ex VAT


The XP range are pure race oils developed through years of R&D in the demanding world of NASCAR. They do not conform to any road approval rating, which means they are formulated to win races.

The XP oils have maximum anti-wear protection and friction reduction chemistry to help protect your engine and free up power, at the expense of a shorter service live. The best choice for heavily tuned engines or where you are chasing any incremental improvements in performance.

These represent a cost-effective option compared to the fully synthetic oils. They have the same anti-wear and friction reduction package, at the expense of shorter service life.

Available in 10W-40 and 20W-50 grades.

Make sure that you have warmed up the engine so that the oil is warm before you drain it down. Top up with the right viscosity recommended by the manufacturer or your engine builder. Use for shorter distance when racing where a high level of fuel dilution is expected. Suitable for all types of alcohol fuels.

Change the oil if it starts to go black, as that typically indicates that fuel has interacted with the oil. We recommend changing the oil filter after each race weekend and topping up with fresh oil. Change oil every second race weekend (see the colour of oil). The XP range of oils are not designed to sit in engines for long periods of time.

Product Information

The high-zinc formulation makes the XP5 the perfect choice for any classic racing mini where the engine and gearbox share the same oil.

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