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Driven Racing Oil LS30 5W-30 change pack for 1JZ + 2JZ


£78.50 Ex VAT


High-quality oil change pack for Toyota 1 + 2 JZ engines.

Pack contains 6 x quart bottles of LS30 (5.6 litres total) and one HKS type 3 oil filter.

Furthermore we are offering this kit with enough oil to carry out an oil change on a standard capacity engine.

Above all please check your oil filter housing thread size to ensure it will fit your vehicle.


  • High-Temp and High-Shear Protection
  • More ZDDP Anti-Wear Additives then road spec oil
  • Reduced Oil Consumption

HKS Oil Filter

  • Powerful neodymium magnets as a result capture more ferrous metal deposits
  • High efficiency particle collection performance due to bespoke design
  • Smooth oil flow and high structural rigidity
  • Back flow and outflow of oil and foreign objects is prevented

Product Information

These oils are good for up to 8,000 road miles, less if used on the track. The Street Performance oils also have a unique anti-corrosion pack which protects engines that are not driven regularly, eliminating the damaging effects of dry starts and also coating the internals to prevent rust.
The delivery cost for a box of oil is £9.50 + VAT to be delivered next day. Lower costs may apply if only ordering a few small items. You will see the exact delivery cost for your order at checkout.