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Driven HR3 and HKS oil change pack for Toyota 4AGE engine


£55.00 Ex VAT


High-quality oil change pack for Toyota Corolla 4AGE engines from 1983 to 1995.

Pack contains 4 x quart bottles of DT40 (3.7 litres total) and one HKS type 6 oil filter.

Furthermore we are offering this kit with enough oil to carry out an oil change on a standard capacity engine.

Above all please check your oil filter housing thread size to ensure it will fit your vehicle.


  • High-Temp and High-Shear Protection
  • More ZDDP Anti-Wear Additives then road spec oil
  • Good for flat tappet, overhead and roller cam engines
  • Storage protection additives to prevent rust and corrosion on engine parts

HKS Oil Filter

  • Powerful neodymium magnets as a result capture more ferrous metal deposits
  • High efficiency particle collection performance due to bespoke design
  • Smooth oil flow and high structural rigidity
  • Back flow and outflow of oil and foreign objects is prevented

Product Information

Synthetic base oils perform well under higher operating temperatures, so they're perfectly suited for use in high-performance or tuned engines.

HR oils have a unique storage additive that neutralises ethanol and prevents rust and corrosion inside the engine.

It is recommended to replace any HKS filter every 6000 miles or 6 months under normal driving conditions. For sports and/or race use, it is recommended to replace a filter every 2000 – 3000 miles since the RPM and load are increased by several times of that of a normal engine.

UNF 3/4-16 centre bolt thread for 1983 to 1995 Toyota Corolla.

We send most oil orders with FedEx. Typically there are 12 x US quarts in a box or 4 x 5 L cans. However, if you order fuel at the same time we'll send the oil on the same shipment as the fuel.

The delivery cost for a box of oil is £9.50 + VAT to be delivered next day. Lower costs may apply if only ordering a few small items. You will see the exact delivery cost for your order at checkout.