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Sunoco Optima (98 RON, 92 MON, 0% Oxygen)


Sunoco Optima is an unleaded fuel blended from highly- refined hydrocarbon blendstocks. Optima does not contain ethanol or MTBE and is free of  oxygen. Optima has excellent storage characteristics, making it ideal when storing vehicles and petrol powered- equipment, especially those requiring an exceptionally stable unleaded fuel. It is specially formulated to be easy on gaskets, o rings and other fuel system components. Storage stable for 3 - 5 years.

Sunoco Optima MSDS

Available in 25, 50 and 200 litre drums.

Typical applications

Sunoco Optima is an excellent choice for all petrol equipment and vehicles that may not be used on a regular basis. Petrol Stabilisers are not needed when using Sunoco Optima.

25 Litre container =£82.80
50 Litre container =£152.40
200 Litre container =£578.40

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