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SUNOCO FR (102RON, 90MON and 3.7% oxygen)



SUNOCO FR (E10) is a high quality unleaded FIA Appendix J conformant race fuel. It has a high oxygen content to enable a richer mixture resulting in more power and rapid response of the engine. High oxygen content helps overcome effects of engines that have to run restrictor plates. FR provides protection against knock up to compression ratios as high as 12.5:1. Meets FIA and FIM regulations. 

Sunoco FR MSDS


Typical applications

  • All FIA events where petrol is used as a fuel, conforms to FIA 252.9 Appendix J
  • High performance vehicles, turbo charged vehicles, water
  • crafts and high revving motorcycles
  • Fuel injected and turbo charged cars
  • Control fuel of MSV F3 Cup Championship
25 Litre containers =£106.80
50 Litre containers =£202.80
200 Litre containers =£753.60

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