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SUNOCO FR (102RON, 90MON and 3.7% oxygen)


SUNOCO FR (E10) is a high quality unleaded FIA Appendix J conformant race fuel. 

High oxygen content helps overcome effects of engines that have to run restrictor plates. 

FR provides protection against knock up to compression ratios as high as 12.5:1. Meets FIA regulations. 

Sunoco FR MSDS

Typical applications

  • All FIA events where petrol is used as a fuel, conforms to FIA 252.9 Appendix J
  • High performance vehicles, turbo charged vehicles, water
  • crafts and high revving motorcycles
  • Fuel injected and turbo charged cars
  • Control fuel of MSV F3 Cup Championship
25 Litre containers =£106.80
50 Litre containers =£202.80
200 Litre containers =£753.60

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