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SUNOCO CMR (100RON, 88MON and 1.9% oxygen)


Sunoco CMR racing fuel is a high quality, clean burning, unleaded MSA conformant race petrol designed to consistently provide additional engine protection compared to lower octane pump petrol. The oxygen content of Sunoco CMR can provide an edge over non-oxygenated fuels in engines that benefit from oxygenated fuels.

It provides protection against knock up to compression ratios of 11.5:1 (higher in small bore aluminium cylinders and aluminium cylinder head applications) and is within the MSA specification for competition in all MSA sanctioned events. 

Typical applications

  • All MSA sanctioned events where petrol is used as a fuel
  • Meets the requirements of BS7800 (super unleaded) BSEN228(unleaded) MSA, FIM, FIA, CIK
  • Control fuel for BRDC F3, MINI Challenge, LMP3 Cup and Radical UK Championships
  • Available at Snetterton circuit petrol station

Available in 25, 50 and 200 litre drums.

25 Litre container =£97.20
50 Litre container =£174.00
200 Litre container =£636.00

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