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R TFF (Turbo Special) (109 RON, 93 MON, 0% Oxygen)


R TFF is an unleaded racing fuel specially designed for turbo engines. Its specially developed anti- knock ingredients allow maximum advanced timing without pinking. Blended especially for unrestricted high power engines, R TFF is designed to withstand extreme cylinder pressures and therefore firmly resistant to detonation. The extremely high oxygen content ( 12.9%) of this fuel provides increased power, especially when used together with air restrictors.

Available in 25, 50 and 200 litre drums.



Typical applications

Designed for turbo applications for maximum power when type of fuel is not restricted by fuel regulations.

25 Litre container =£127.20
50 Litre container =£244.82
200 Litre container =£915.60

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