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R TF (Turbo FIA) (102 RON, 90 MON, 3.7% Oxygen)


The R TF is an unleaded racing fuel specially designed for turbo engines. It is designed to provide maximum power over a wide rpm range in highly tuned turbo engines. Its specially developed anti-knock ingredients allow maximum advanced timing without pinking. Blended especially for the European market using Sunoco fuel components and additional petrochemicals. Every batch is extensively tested to ensure maximum quality and complete conformity. The high oxygen content (3.7%) of this fuel provides increased power, especially when used together with air-restrictors. Meets 2015 FIA Fuel regulations.

Available in 25, 50 and 200 litre drums.



  • All FIA events where gasoline is used as a fuel.
  • Designed for turbo vehicles for maximum power.
  • All turbo charged racing and rally cars and motorcycles.
  • High performance turbo cars and motorcycles.

    Meets requirements of new 2014  FIA 252.9 Appendix J

25 Litre container =£102.00
50 Litre container =£195.60
200 Litre container =£732.00

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