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All our race fuels are manufactured to precise standards that ensure the stated specifications are met every time. This means that once an engine is tuned to run on one of our race fuels, the same performance can be expected each time. In addition, mapping (or tuning) can be made more precise resulting in more performance and cooler running temperatures. A positive side effect is cleaner emissions compared to running pump fuels. Pump fuels are designed to be as cheap as possible whilst meeting the British Standards (BS EN228 or BS 7800).They are not manufactured to the same high tolerances as racing fuels and also have seasonal variations.

Shelf life

The selection of chemical components used ensures that all of our race fuels are very stable and if properly stored, do not deteriorate like regular pump fuels. The nature of pump fuels is that they are designed for rapid turnover, and will loose performance after about 30 days whereas race fuels can be stored for years.

Octane values

Octane on its own does not produce power. It is simply a measurement of a fuels ability to resist detonation. A higher value becomes more important if an engine has had its compression ratio raised to allow the engine to produce more power. We have fuels from 99 RON up to 119 RON to suit.

Burn characteristics

Our fuels are all designed with racing in mind. They are designed to be faster burning to ensure you get a complete burn at high RPM and to allow a faster increase in engine revolutions (i.e. acceleration).

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