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SUNOCO MaxNOS (119RON, 113MON and 0% oxygen)


Designed for competition engines using nitrous oxide injection systems. It is formulated to achieve a significantly higher specific gravity than other high octane fuels, allowing for maximum fuel flow when used with high volume nitrous oxide systems. The dense nature of this fuel helps guard against lean running conditions that can lead to catastrophic engine damage. Available in 25 and 204 litre drums.

Sunoco MaxNos MSDS


Typical applications

• Nitrous oxide injection systems
• Turbocharged / supercharged cars and motorcycles.
• Performance Motorcycles
• Not suitable for engines equipped with Lambda sensors or catalytic 
or catalytic converters

All racers that have previously used the very popular Supreme NOS have reported increased power and lower qt miles times with the new MaxNOS. Thanks to a higher density and that it does not contain any oxygen (not beneficial in a NOS application) the MaxNOS is safe to run as a direct replacement for Supreme NOS. However, leaning off with approximately 1% will further enhance power but as with all recommendations please note that all engines are individual so make sure that any leaning off is carefully monitored. 

The MaxNOS is especially blended for use in Nitrous Oxide applications. It's very dense for such a high octane fuel helping to protect the engine in the NOS stage. Its carefully selected properties and very fast burning distilation curve makes it an ideal choice for highly tuned dragracing engines dramatically increasing engine power over similar high octane fuels. It blends with any pump fuel (for those who wants to boost the octane of normal petrol) and provides great protection against knock (pinking or detonation).

25 Litre container =£114.00
200 Litre =£822.00

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