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Racing Fuels

Anglo American Oil Company represents Sunoco race fuels in Europe and the Middle East and their own ‘R Racing’ brand of race fuels is distributed worldwide. Please click here to see our distributor network outside of the UK.  


Winning on today’s racing circuit requires more than an exceptional driver and a well-built car. It takes high-performance racing fuels that are willing to go the distance – fuels like those produced by Sunoco.

Sunoco, manufactured and designed on the east coast of America in Philadelphia, is the largest manufacturer of racing fuels in the world. Sunoco owns the whole manufacturing process from crude oil to finished product enabling 100% control from raw materials until ready for dispatch to racers worldwide. All Sunoco race fuels are made using their own produced petroleum alkylate, which is re-refined for maximum cleanliness and consistency, to enable all high octane fuels to be benzene and sulphur free.

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The R Racing fuels are blended in Anglo American Oil Company's own plant in Berkshire and especially designed for the European markets. We use the latest quality control and manufacturing processes to ensure maximum consistency and quality of the R fuels. Power comes naturally.

The R range of products consists of special fuels and oils that are not provided by our normal suppliers. The RTC (turbo competition) racing fuel is a FIA custom blend designed for top flight turbo rally cars. The R600+ racing brake fluid is used by top teams in GP2, British F3, British GT, ELMS, Radicals, Minis, Historic racing etc. etc. Lately we have wowed the British racers with our special synchromesh racing gearbox oil.

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