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Tuffjug drybreak nozzle fuel transfer jug



The Tuffjug (available in 10L and 20L) with its unique dry-break coupling is the perfect container to refuel your vehicle with. It will enable a safe and non-drip filling of the vehicle, and will also stop the filling action when the fuel tank is full. In fact, you will be able to turn it upside down and no fuel will come out until you compress the nozzle. Very sturdy construction. Made square to maximise storage areas.

The nozzle is 33mm in diameter, so please make sure that your filler neck can accommodate this size (an adapter is available to fit tank openings which are smaller, please call your dealer or us direct to enquire).

Note:  Only to be used for fuel transfer.  This container does not meet European legislation for the transport of dangerous goods (ADR 2013) or the UK storage regulations, Petroleum Consolidation Regulations 2014 (PCR).


Please note: Both 20L and 10L is available in white only

10 Litre White =£42.00
20 Litre White =£54.00

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