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Synthetic engine oils

We have chosen to stock some of the best engine oils from the most renowned oil suppliers; 

  • Driven_drop_shadow.png

    Driven Racing synthetic (mPAO, PAO and Ester) oils are famous within the racing scene for eliminating camshaft, bucket and lifter issues due to their specially race proven anti-wear additive package. The Driven Racing Oils do not conform to any API standards, and the XP range should only be used in racing applications. Their special running-in oils, assembly grease and high viscosity assembly lube are the 'must-have' oil for professional engine builders. Due to the escalating issues of running modern specification oils in classic and/or high performance vehicles Driven have developed a new range of engine oils for high performance vehicles. ThesePetronas20logo.jpg oils are unique due to their race proven viscosity modifiers and anti-wear (zinc) package in combination with a specially developed storage additive.
  • In addition to the race fuel products, we also stock the range of PETRONAS Syntium oils suitable for road market where people require current generation API/European specification oils to meet the demanding components of modern road cars.

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