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white_10lt_tuff_jug_trans.pngTuff Jugs are plastic fuel cans from Fair Trails Enterprises in California, passing the US Environmental Protection Agency standard for portable fuel containers. They are the perfect solution for mid race refuelling, having been used at a number of MSA governed historic endurance races over the last few years.

Each can is easy to use, with no spilling or mess. The clever neck design includes a spring loaded valve that only releases fuel when the collar in compressed. Fuel flow stops when either the neck is released, or the fuel level reaches the breather tube in the neck. They also self-vent during operation, and include a seal in the neck which prevents vapours from escaping whilst transporting fuel. Each can holds 20 litres and takes approximately 75 seconds to empty.

Available in a variety of colours in 10 or 20 litre sizes.

Note: the over size of the neck design means that it will only work with wide appature filler necks and will not work with the majority of modern production car  factory fitted

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