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The right choice for Methanol!

The right choice for Methanol!

July 01, 2015 at 4:00 PM



One of the more 'specialist' products we sell is the Alky Racing Alcohol, an ideal additive for use with methanol fuel to increase safety and lubrication. Over the past few years we have seen a growth in the use of the product, with the 500 Owners Association now using Alky top lube for cars that run on Methanol, and most recently stating it must be used in their rule book.

The 500 Owners Association is the organisation behind the increased popularity of use of 500 cc race cars built in the immediate post war years:

  • After the war there was a demand for cheap cars for racing and hill-climbing. Rules were simple: use of 500 cc motorbike derived engines in a single seater car
  • The Formula became popular immediately, becoming known as Formula 3
  • Interest declined in 1960 when Formula Junior was introduced, but has now recovered with about 50 cars in use in UK, and many more remaining in garages
  • Used in USA, Australia and New Zealand
  • During the 1980’s interest in the cars was rekindled and the 500 OA was formed. Current cars comply with strict originality rules and all car must have VIF’s (i/d papers)
  • Unanimous decision at 2014 AGM to include mandatory use of Alky in rules from 2015 when using Methanol - cars run methanol (orange disc) and Alky seen as important safety measure

alky_narrow_selection_border.jpgWhy use Alky top lube additive?

Alky Top Lube Additive (also known as Alky Racing Alcohol) is designed to increase lubrication of valve trains for methanol and ethanol powered cars. It will also reduce the corrosiveness of methanol and ethanol. In addition it will reduce bore wash.

An additional feature is that if methanol or ethanol catches fire the ALKY, will change the colour of the tip of the flame from invisible to yellow. Over the past couple of years the 500 Owners club have seen more racers use this additive, which, with safety becoming increasingly important, has seen it become mandatory in cars run on methanol in their series.

One bottle of Alky (215ml) will treat a 205L drum of methanol. For more details about the range of race fuels, oils and pit-stop products we sell please visit:

For more details about the 500 Owners Association please visit:


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