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Joe Gibbs Driven High Performance engine oils

June 19, 2012 at 1:33 PM

Joe Gibbs Performance is one of the most successful NASCAR race teams. However, going back 10 years they were struggling to keep their engines together with the then available racing oils. Joe Gibbs engine builder Mark Cronquist wanted to reduce bearing clearances and push the cam profiles to new levels – but his ideas was held back by the oil technology that they could access.


NASCAR is an extremely competitive formula where every fraction of BHP is vital to success and success in NASCAR is big $ so a solution had to be found. A long term development programme was put in place involving one of the largest and market leading oil additive companies – Lubrizol. The result of this development has resulted in that Joe Gibbs Performance are now running SAE5W-20 oils in their race engines instead of the traditional SAE20W-50 oils and even in qualifying venture down to SAE0W!


As a result the Joe Gibbs Performance NASCAR team’s engines have been more reliable and produce more power. But what has that to do with Morgan and other classic car engines? Well, race on Sunday and sell on Monday is a very typical American approach so whereas we can not buy the latest race oils (JGP wants to keep their advantage for a year) we can access last year’s technology – which is more than capable of protecting most race engines.


Moving forward – due to the success of the Joe Gibbs Driven race oils the team owners who were “sold” on the JGD oils wanted to use them in their classic cars as well. The only issue was that the JGD racing oils were not really suitable for anything other than racing so the general consensus from the team owners was – hell, make us one then…


So with a new approach, not taking into consideration any current road oil specification-which today is focusing on long service intervals in modern cars driven every day, JGD focused on high anti-wear properties (e.g.zinc), oil stickiness after long time lengthy storage periods and a special preservative storage additive. This special anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-condensation storage additive is a package that Lubrizol especially designed for US military vehicles to cope with several years of storage, even with used oil. This storage package is unique to JGD and the US military. The secret behind the JGD High Performance formulation is the combination of the special storage additive and the anti-wear additive package developed from extensive NASCAR racing.


The result is the Joe Gibbs Driven High Performance engine oils. Good enough for historic racing but absolutely brilliant for engines that are not driven every day. Features include:

                -   High level of anti-wear additive package

              - Unique storage protection package

              -   Extremely stable to shearing – up to 10 x better than standard API oils

              - Available as mineral or synthetic and in SAE10W-30 and SAE15W-50



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