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Introducing Sunoco Optima - super storage fuel!

Introducing Sunoco Optima - super storage fuel!

November 19, 2014 at 11:00 AM


With Winter fast approaching, it's time to think about how you are going to store your much-loved motor over the chilly months ahead. We have the ultimate fuel to keep you ahead of the game, and make you the envy of all the garages come the Spring, when your car starts...first time!Sunoco_Optima_Drum.png

Sunoco Optima is an unleaded fuel blended from highly-refined hydrocarbon blendstocks and as Optima does not contain ethanol or MTBE, and is free of  oxygen, it has excellent storage characteristics. This makes it an ideal fuel to use when storing petrol powered vehicles (cars, bikes, boats etc), especially those requiring an exceptionally stable unleaded fuel. As Sunoco Optima is ethanol free, the problems such as corrosion, which are more commonly being seen with the increasing alcohol content in pump fuel, are eliminated. It is specially formulated to be easy on gaskets, o-rings and other fuel system components, and remains storage stable for 3 - 5 years without affecting fuel system. Sunoco 'Optima' is designed specifically for the market which caters for vehicles that are not used on a regular basis, or those that require a fuel suitable for long term storage.

Typical applications

Sunoco Optima is an excellent choice for all petrol equipment and vehicles that are not used on a regular basis. Petrol Stabilisers are not needed when using Sunoco Optima. RON 98, MON 92 and 0% oxygen content


  • Optima will not lose its performance when left in fuel systems
  • Storage stable for 3-5 years
  • Will mix with regular pump fuels
  • High octane rating protects again detonation

Sunoco Optima is the latest fuel from Sunoco, which is distributed by Anglo American Oil Company Ltd. in Europe and the Middle East. Anglo American Oil Company Ltd. who continually building on and improving their range of motorsport products, with this year being no exception as they announce the release of the latest product from Sunoco. To see more about Sunoco Optima click here

Sunoco Optima is now in stock and is available in 25, 50 and 200 litre drums and can be delivered straight to your door. Contact us today on 01929 551557 for more information or to place your order, or email us at

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