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Historic Focus On...

Historic Focus On...

October 07, 2014 at 1:00 PM


This month we are focusing on the R5.1+ high performance brake fluid and Driven Racing Oils Carb defender. Read more to find out about these products.

R5_trans.pngR5.1+ , Magnesium friendly Brake Fluid

Our modern racing brake fluids, such as 'R600+' and 'R Extreme', have always been popular, but the formulations are not recommended for the use with magnesium components. The chemicals in these brake fluids can react with magnesium components, which can be found in classic race cars, creating gases and cause corrosion of the metal surfaces.

Our very own 'R5.1+' high performance brake fluid (dry boiling point 270 Deg. C, wet boiling point  184 Deg. C) is, however, developed to be completely safe to use with this type of metal and is suitable for all types of brake systems recommending DOT 4 and higher. It is miscible with all synthetic brake fluids and designed for fast road/track day use. Its low viscosity at low temperatures makes it especially suitable for all ABS systems.

All our brake fluids are blended in the UK by a market leader in brake fluid technology and having them labelled under our own name means we can supply them at competitive prices.

CARB_DEFENDER_trans.pngDriven Racing Oil - Carb Defender

This Carb Defender from Driven Racing Oil is designed to protect classic fuel systems from the harmful effects of ethanol. Ethanol will absorb water from the atmosphere which then leads to corrosion of the type of soft metals traditionally found in carbs.

 Carb Defender:

   - Provides a protective film that coats the internal components of the fuel system that prevents corrosion
   - Helps stabilise the fuel avoiding running and starting issues
   - Cleans existing deposit build up, which improves engine performance

If you have classic cars currently running on pump fuel, we would strongly recommend looking at this product, especially as the ethanol content has increased in regularly pump fuel and is now around 5% content.

Please note: our own range of leaded race fuels are ethanol free, avoiding these issues.

Special offer: buy 3 bottles for the price of 2

(valid on 8 oz. bottle only throughout October)

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